Emperor Zelgius
Nicknames Majesty, Sire, Eternal Master
Date of Birth Unknown
Place of Birth Silvermoon City
Occupation Eternal Master, Emperor
Affiliation Realm of Eternity, Eternal Empire
Age Unknown
Species Blood Elf
Powers All Eternal Magics

"The realm of eternity often provides power to certain beings while inside it, most of those beings either go insane or lose their power over time, I guess since I still have them, and by now fully control every corner and every being inside the realm, I could indeed be called... the Eternal Master."


Zelgius is often considered the master of the realm of eternity. Some people think he's mad for power, while others see him as their new god. He has personally created an exact copy of Azeroth in the empty void his realm started as, when it was still nameless and unknown, and has since then been developing it with his own guards and architecture, but has also created a portal in a secret house in Azeroth, for those worthy of entering his realm.

Often people will say they've seen Zelgius, but most likely it was an illusion, created by Zelgius himself, to inspect his realm without having to leave his personal "heaven".

After creating copy of Azeroth in his realm, he started placing his own houses and shops in a more secure location somewhere on Azeroth. He called this city, his Eternal Empire. He slowly started expanding it with training areas, more houses, markets, gardens, parks, and much more.

The birth of a child.Edit

Long ago, shortly before the famous "Third War" a Blood Elf was born. Child of Zorako and Lorana, he grown quite used to magic at an early age. Their village just outside of Silvermoon was often attacked, but Zorako, Lorana and the other villagers could easily kill the invaders.

-To be continued-