((Important notice, this is the "Future" plan of the guild, once phases are properly up, and the DB's are opened, at the moment, the realm (phase) does not yet exist))

The realm of eternity is a realm created by Zelgius. It is supposed to be an exact copy of the original world (Including the outlands), excluding it's citizens. It is Zelgius way of creating a perfect world without war. Those interested in entering and living in his realm will have to go through a portal, which will make them forgot most of the lives except their name and how to speak, this is done so they won't even remember what war is. Eventually other people, without Zelgius' permission, entered the realm other ways, and still remember what war is, and they still remember how to fight. When Zelgius found that out, he decided to grant a few people their skills back, greatly increased, and made them trainers.

Now Zelgius is hiring people through his realm once more, they will forget their skills and must leave behind all their possessions, but can build up a great live in the realm. They can learn many skills, professions, and even earn money. With that money they can then eventually build up their own houses, buy their own pets, buy mounts, or perhaps start their own shops. If they work hard enough, they might even earn even to start their own city within the realm.

No matter what they choose to do, they will have to work together to defend the realm. Even if they are opposites of each other, such as the light and dark, they will still eventually learn that they need to team up if they wish to survive.

The realm portal is still open and guarded by the realm guards, to assist anyone wanting to enter them.