The creation of the Order

The order of the glade dates back to about 10 years after the sundering. The Order was Cr
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eated by Aladessa Moonwing with the intent to protect what remained of their forests and to heal the forests destroyed during the war. During recent years there has been an incresed presence of the order in Ashenvale, mainly near the warsong lumber camp, while the section of the order deployed there is mainly military, several druids have been sent there to provide healing for the wounded and eventualy begin to heal the forest itself.

The Glade

The Glade is the city of the Order, and they protected it with their lives; not even fellow Night Elves were allowed to enter. The Glade was considered sacred, its borders were watched over by a group called Gaurdians. Gaurdians would kill any outsider found within the glade.

The primary wepons of the Gaurdians are the Bow and the Glaive, both they must craft themselves, so that they have a wepon that is perfectly designed for them.


The origanal founder of the order, Aladessa Moonwing, currently still commands the order, with the assistance of her advisors.

Current activities

Recently the order has been attacking the warsong lumber camp with small strike teams of capable fighters.Their tactic is to attack all at once, and in all different areas, they are very stealthy, appearing suddenly out of the trees and dissapearing even faster. Due to their incresed activity the order has begun to quietly recruit skilled nightelves into its ranks.

Guild Ranks and Titles


this is the starting rank, every new member remains at this rank untill they have progressed in skill via roleplaying


This rank is the starting rank for those who chose the path of the druid, what they progress to after this rank is based off of their choices in rp.


This is the start of the long path to becoming a Gaurdian of the Glade, to progress upwards from here you must accomplish several things in roleplay, that will be disclosed upon reaching this rank.

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