The Night elves or kaldorei are one of the first beings to emerge during the early days of Azeroth.They are a reclusive people, allmost entirely self sufficient and rather isolated from the other main races. The Kaldorei were the first beings to master magic, useing its powers to create an amazing society. However their mastery of magic would be their downfall. Eventualy the upper class of the Kaldorei people; the Highborne used their powers in such a wreckless way that drew the attention of the burning leagion.

The war of the AncientsEdit

The highborne, led by queen Azshara, fell under the influance of the demon Sageras who lured them with promises of great power. Azshara began to open a portal in the well of eternity, so that sageras could come to Azeroth and grant them their promised power. The druid, Malfurion Stormrage, saw the once beloved queen of the Kaldorei attempting to allow this great evil into Azeroth and set out to stop the portal from being completed.

When sageras saw this, he ordered the burning legion to attack the whole of azeroth and destroy the Kaldorei, this preventing the closure of the portal. As this great war raged on, Malfurion, with the aid of the dragonflights, Cenerius, and the Ancients managed to stop the portal from being opened, saving Azeroth from sure destruction at the hands of Sageras.

The sunderingEdit

The closure of the portal caused a huge surge of energy within the well of eternity, causing an event known as the sundering. The sundering shattered the continent of Kalimdor, killing countless Nightelves in the process
180px-Great Sundering

The sundering


After the deaths of so many due to magic, the Night elves retreated into the forest of ashenvale and adopted a druidic lifestyle. The night elves thrived for thousands of years, granted immortality by the world tree.

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