Running your own guild can seem like a daunting task, however if you follow these steps you will have an easier time with the day to day operation:

  • Be active!

As the guild leader, you must set an example for your members, if you are not active then you cannot expect them to be activer

  • Host roleplays and make sure that your guildies know that they may host them aswell

in order for your guild to be sucessfull and attract new memebers you need to have roleplays at least once a day. If you like, making your guild base a constant rp zone is also helpfull.

  • Public events!

nothing attracts potential new members like a public event. A public event is a roleplay, hosted by your guild for the general public.

Remember, the key to having a sucessful guild is inovation, be origanal- be creative, and get out there!